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Neuro Fitness Therapy is a cutting-edge therapy provider for Parkinson's Disease and other movement disorder patients in the tri-state area. We are dedicated to providing individualized treatment programs utilizing the latest techniques and approaches in both one-on-one and group settings. Providing excellent interventions, education, caregiver training, and ongoing evaluation are the pillars of the Neuro Fitness approach.

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  • Jay S. Kogon

  • Susan Kogon

    MA, Ph.D.
  • Aaron Kogon

    BS, ACSM
  • Leann Barnett

    PT, NCS
  • Allison Goeckerman

  • Tim Moley

    OTR/L, CNS
  • Meghan Steen

    PT, DPT
  • Katie Tryon

  • Holly Whitney

    PT, DPT
  • Ashley Frongello

  • Carol Christian

  • Tara Cioci

    PT, DPT
  • Mark Watson


Success Stories

  • When I was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 50, I was alone and scared. I worried about my health, my family and financial future. I felt better the first time I went to Neuro Fitness because the director not only explained the disease in ways I could understand, but also began taking measurements every 90 days so I could see the disease's slow progr...

    Charles W.

  • I love NFT, because of the STAFF!

    Thomas S.

  • Finding NFT was life changing for me! I was devastated when I was diagnosed with PD. 6 weeks later I'm at NFT, tearful at what Leann was telling me: I felt so cared for-PT for life with these experts. The 1-on-1 experience is like nothing I have ever had-only dreamed of! Now my life is better in so many ways! I can't thank them enough!

    Cyndi B.

  • NFT is a professional outlet for exercise and advanced workouts. The staff has the knowledge to do this for us. Patient centered care is key.

    George P.

  • My Physical Therapist, Allison, familiarizes herself with her patient's needs and addresses them - all while being patient and encouraging.

    David C.

  • I started at NFT soon after I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. The NFT team gently pushed me to my limits to restore my strength and increase my fitness level to better than it was before. Each visit Holly has something new and challenging for me. Then we finish with my favorite exercise-boxing.

    Ginny Z

  • I've been a patient at NFT for over three years. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and Leann has helped me so much to maintain my level of mobility and improve my balance. Equally important, I don't feel conspicuous about having a disability in this caring environment.


  • It has really helped me with my energy level and keeps me going when I want to stop. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They are like your family.

    Ed P.

  • I love the individual attention we are given by our own Physical Therapist. I love having my own boxing gloves!

    Bill M.

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