Frequently asked Questions from PD Patients

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Does your office offer LSVT BIG?

Answer: Yes we do. Mr. Kogon is a certified clinician and has treated over 3000 visits with this approach.

What does LSVT stand for?

Lee Silverman Voice Training.

  • What is the history behind this?

About 25 years ago a PD received voice training and her name was Lee Silverman and so the program was called LSVT LOUD. About 7 years ago, the mobility piece was added “BIG”, but they kept the LSVT part hence the name LSVT BIG.

Does it work?

Answer: Yes, the original research by Dr Farley and more recently by Jay Kogon demonstrates improvements in gait speed, balance and general mobility.Everyone will receive some benefit from this approach.

I have real mild symptoms, do I need to come?

The early stages of PD react the best to this approach and in fact research is now demonstrating that intensive exercise done correctly can slow down the symptoms of PD or cause reversals in outcome measures. Mr. Kogon is following some PD’s for the past 2 years and they are still showing progress in their functional mobility and gait speed!

How often do I come for treatment?

It all depends on your schedule, but the original research was 4 times per week x 4 weeks. We have treated people with PD as little as 2x per week. Total number of visits is averaging 12-16 visits per encounter.

Do I do exercises at home?

Yes. You will receive a comprehensive home program and customized to your needs. This is a very important part of the whole program.

How long does a session take at the office?

Each session is ideally 55minutes, but it will depend upon your tolerance. So the sessions will be customized or shortened if indicated.

Does Insurance cover this treatment?

Yes, just like any other Physical Therapy service. It is an evidence-based approach and results oriented!

I have trouble walking, does this help?

Yes, all the research demonstrates improved walking after the treatments.
Other areas that are addressed in this program include:

  • Freezing of gait
  • Turning
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Balance training
  • Stumbling
  • Falls
  • Stairs
  • Sit to stand transfers
  • Stiff hands
  • The list is endless

** Any questions that require more detail please refer them to me and I will discuss with them on their first visit.