Neuro-Fitness Therapy was created in order to serve people with Parkinson's Disease and movement disorders in the tri-state area. Neuro-Fitness is dedicated to providing individualized treatment programs for each person utilizing the latest techniques and treatment approaches in a one on one setting. Providing excellent interventions, education, caregiver training and ongoing evaluation are the pillars of the Neuro-Fitness approach.

Neuro Fitness Therapy is a comprehensive rehabilitation center for Parkinsons Disease as well as many other neurological disorders. NFT was founded January 2013 and began a journey of treating folks with Parkinsons Disease using evidence based methods. The program gradually evolved into a full scale rehab center that includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy , Speech Therapy , Counseling ( talk therapy) and a robust Rock Steady Boxing program and personal training.

A typical therapy session is one on one for the hour that is covered by most insurances. A session includes a variety of activities to challenge balance, build strength and endurance, develop confidence, improve multi directional stepping and transitions between activities and much more. An initial evaluation of every person is required to gather information and develop an individualized plan. Some folks receive speech therapy for improving their loudness, improve swallowing and /or improve cognition and learn strategies memory and speech.

Our Rock Steady Boxing program has classes everyday ( M-F ). We keep the class size small so the boxers can get more attention. Coach Aaron provides a variety of exercise interventions that include boxing, focus mitts, core strengthening, balance and more ! The classes are dynamic and help develop socialization and friendship.No boxing experience required, just a desire to have fun and work hard !

Interested in Boxing classes or skilled therapies , please call (302) 753-2700 for more information.