Rock Steady Boxing has been an answer to our prayers.  My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2005 and has taken medication since then.  In addition he has gone to physical therapy when needed and practiced his BIG exercises at home.  Despite that, there have been times where he seems to be getting worse and that has been discouraging for both of us.

When my husband heard about Rock Steady Boxing, he was enthusiastic. After being evaluated by Jay Kogon (Coach extraordinaire!) we were fortunate to start the classes in the spring.  I am fortunate to be a “spotter” who can offer help to the boxers when needed and participate in the warm up exercises (good for me too!).  I am getting to know other family members who are living with Parkinson’s.

I remain in awe of the determination and commitment of all the boxers in the program.  I have witnessed steady forward progress in everyone who participates, regardless of ability.  I see the camaraderie, support and encouragement that happens every class.  Being part of a group helps to break the isolation that people with Parkinson’s and their families often experience.

I am so grateful that Rock Steady Boxing is in Delaware and that Jay is the coach.  With appreciation

– Cindy K./Hockessin, DE


Jay Kogon provided treatment for me with LSVT BIG approximately one year ago, prior to my diagnosis of stage one Parkinson’s Disease. He also has assisted me with PWR exercises as well as encouraging me to participate in a PD aerobics class, which he designed. His expertise and training in this area far exceeds that expected of Physical Therapists and his passion to help clients is highly motivating and contagious. One year later, my quality of life and my physical skills have improved significantly and I anticipate continued success with Dr. Kogons ongoing guidance and help.

– Anonymous

My first signs of very mild, infrequent tremors were in 2006. It wasn’t until I began the beginning of 2009 that I was diagnosed with PD. I am so fortunate and grateful to dr. Jay Kogon for introducing me to an intensive exercise program to improve my ability to slow down the motor deterioration and other characteristics of PD. Dr. Kogon’s passion, skill, knowledge, patience and ability to instill a sense of confidence empowers me to work harder to push back the progression of PD.

-E.G. / Hockessin, DE

I have seen Dr. Jay Kogon for Physical Therapy since early March of 2013. The results have been amazing. In March, I was early Stage 4 Parkinson’s Disease. I lacked confidence in any physical task, needed assistance getting up from a seated position and could not perform the simple task of putting on my own shoes.Things such as driving a car and walking without tripping/ falling were distant memories. My neurologist had previously recommended Physical Therapy and the results were mixed. While the act of moving provided some benefit, the therapy did not help my balance issues and left me exhausted each day. So when my neuriologist recommended therapy again I was skeptical.

I had the script for 2 months before I finally picked up the telephone. I am so glad I called. Dr. Kogon was accommodating and patient. He worked one on one with me. The exercises were challenging but with practice and Jay’s guidance, I gained skills and confidence. He listened to me about what I hoped to get out of therapy. I believe that this Physical Therapy will help everyone who commits to the program. Yet it’s more than just the PT that makes this program so unique.

Dr. Kogon is a huge part of the program. His manner is non-judgmental and supportive. He listens and responds. He follows up and analyzes. He is a rare combination of professionalism and encouragement. So what are my results? I haven’t had a fall in 3 months and my balance has improved 100 percent. I’ve been able to walk 2 miles and drive a car. I can get up from a chair and put on socks and shoes by myself! My energy level is at an all time high and my strength has significantly increased. Most importantly, I’ve been reevaluated by my neurologist and I am a Stage 2! I can’t say enough about how wonderful this program has been for me.

-Danielle / Wilmington, DE